Intrapsychic Taxonomy: Body

The only aspect of self that is physically real is body. Plato’s view of the soul calls this the appetites (Thorne and Henley, 2005). Although Plato thought that these appetites could have negative effects on the state of the mind, he and others of the period acknowledged that the basic needs of the body must be met. Its survival needs are predominant, most of the time, for most people, and its demise sunders the connections between body, mind and spirit. Its agencies, or means of attaining needs, are simple and direct, and include physical strength and assorted physical skills.

Although the physical agencies are predominantly focused on meeting physical needs, because body interacts and is interdependent with both mind and spirit, some physical agencies are also employable towards meeting mind and spirit needs, and some mind and spirit agencies are employable towards meeting body needs. In the diagram of the intrapsychic taxonomy, body lies at the bottom, recognizing as Maslow did that the physical needs are primary.




Basic Concepts

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